Curacao Licensed Money Transfers With Security Flaw Casino Damaged 

Curacao Licensed Money Transfers With Security Flaw Casino Damaged 

For online casinos, safety should be a key issue. Security criteria are a licencing problem and not least an issue of credibility for respectable online casinos in ensuring players have the safest possible experience to secure the site and servers from external attacks.

The cautionary storey from Cyprus and Curacao was subsequently told accidentally by a group of internet casinos about over 100 million gaming transactions sg online casino. Although there are no suggestions of a malevolent purpose, there is no password protection left an internal server that allows administrators to look for this type of material.

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Information exposed 

As stated in ZDNet, the public exposed information was first located by Security Researcher Justin Paine, and he found it to be linked to a number of online casino games that included table games and slots. The unprotected Elastic Search server should never have been exposed online, according to the paper.

Elastic Search is a portable search engine installed by organisations for improved data indexing and search capability for their online applications. Such servers are normally located on the internet and are not intended to be accessible online because they generally handle the most sensitive information for a corporation.

Last week, Paine met one of them that was left unprotected online without authentication to protect its sensitive info. Paine realised that the server held data from an online betting service from a first look.”

Several sites, including,,, and, have been referenced on behalf of the article, some of which appear to be located in the Cyprus office building, others with a Curacao licence.

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The information provided 

The server also provided details such as names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, date of birth and much more, alongside basic transaction information such as deposits and withdrawals. Payment information, although partially edited, was also alarmingly vulnerable.

Although ZDNet asked the site administrators for comment, none of them had mentioned replied. However, it is not obvious whether the company involved or the cloud provider took proactive efforts to safeguard their clients. The server has been down.

The Dutch government’s rising push to tighten up its licences terms has long expected Curacao to increase its ranking as far as online Casinos are concerned. This newest, humiliating, perhaps dangerous violation will only further boost this endeavour, which the Curacao Gambling Board has defined as a tool to deal with “illegal suppliers.”

The announcement of the safety violation should be a call for all gaming operators to revisit security measures and give another opportunity to do so. Infringements of this type may and should result in the most severe penalties depending upon where an operator is licenced. 

Renowned expectation 

Regulations such as the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission are known to demand its licenced operators to comply with strict standards of compliance. Naturally, there is an equilibrium to be achieved, and all the control is not beneficial. However, there is no justification for operators not to do it correctly when it comes to security, and in particular to safe guarded their personal info.

Although the data breach concerned was not forcibly exploited for harmful purposes, it may have slipped simply into incorrect hands. Gambling operators are responsible for ensuring that this does not happen again, no matter where they are situated.

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